192MP Camera & Snapdragon 895 from Xiaomi.

There were some reports recently from reliable sources that Xiaomi was working on a new 192MP Camera. They might have been working this for a long time becasue there are a lot of rumours about this recently.

Though it is not yet confirmed, this phone might be well past the patent stage and prototype stage. Besides, it might go into production stage soon. It is currently unclear if this smartphone will be launched only in China, or if it will be launched globally.

Xiaomi might launch a smartphone with a very high resolution 192MP Camera.

Xiaomi is very famous for releasing smartphones with high megapixel flagship camera sesnors. They brought 32MP, 48MP, 64MP and most recently 108MP Sensors to the mainstream market. Moreover, Samsung and Xiaomi currently have smartphones with 108MP Sensors, for example the S21 Ultra and the Mi 11 Ultra.

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Processor and Credibility:

According to a few sources, the smartphone might launch as early as December, providing tough competiiton to Samsung’s flagships and possibly the next iPhone lineup as well. According to a few other sources, this smartphone might launch with a mid range 5G Chip: The Snapdragon 765G. We do not know if this 192MP Camera will be used in a flagship or in a mid ranger.

If this smartphone launches in early 2022, it will most likely have a Snapdragon 895. The Snapdragon 895 (4nm Chip). This chip will be very powerful. It has higher clock speeds and a better GPU.

A less exciting news: Some other sources cite that 192MP might just mean the sum total of the megapixels of all the lenses used in this smartphone. It might be a 108MP Lens, and the rest of the camera megapixels combined with the main camera might add up to 192MP. This is not likely, nevertheless, we are mentioning it here because it was reported by a couple of sources.

This smartphone might have the industry leading 4nm Snapdragon 895 Chip!

192MP: Marketing Gimmick or Beneficial?

Sources like GSM Arena report that this 192MP Sensor will support 16 in one Pixel Binning, which basically gives you a 12 megapixel output resolution when stored in JPEG Format.

There were other reports that this camera might be able to support upto 4X Native Zoom using cropping, since that 192MP Sensor is massive, this can give us 1 to 4 times zoom in addition to cropping without loss in image quality.

In some niche scenario, thsi might be useful and it mighttake really good pictures if the image processing is good and if the aperture is set right. Or, it is a mere marketing gimmick.

According to DCS, this smartphone will have a curved sides 2K 120Hz Screen with a punch hole. Launch of phone will depend on chipset availability.

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However, there is a slight chance this smartphone will not have many units manufactured because when Xiaomi introduced 108MP Sensors, it first came with the expiremental Mi Mix Alpha, followed by the Mi CC 9 Pro (Globally Mi Note 10 Pro) and then the mainstream market.


As mentioned before, the rest of the specs, like the battery capacity, price, etc remain unknown. It is unclear if this will launch in India, because it will mostly be a bit pricey and might not sell many units. They might launch it like they did with the Mi 11 Ultra in India. It was launched in limited quantities at a really good price for the specs.

That is all we have about this new smartphone with 192MP Sensor and we will update if there is any further news. With that being said, let us know what you think of this smartphone with a 192MP Camera. Do you think it will launch globally? WIll it be useful, or is it just a marketing gimmick? Tell us in the comments.

Thanks a lot for reading!

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