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Welcome to Xiaomi Central, your number one source for news and updates about Xiaomi. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of us, with a focus on giving the latest updates, news, and information about Xiaomi.

Founded in 2021 by Chandan Pandit, Xiaomi Central has come a long way from its beginnings. When Chandan first started out, his passion for content writing drove them to do tons of research. so that Xiaomi Central can offer you the best out of best news and update regarding Xiaomi.

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  • Chandan Pandit, Founder of Xiaomi Central

Chandan is the founder of Xiaomi Central. He’s also a tech journalist at dealntech.  He writes on Mobile and Android-related news. Keeping the contents as simple as possible with proper information is his goal. He enjoys researching all kinds of tech products, especially fascinating latest mobile phones and gadgets. In his free time, he loves playing mobile games.

  • Surya Sudhanshu K, Lead Author at Xiaomi Central

Surya Sudhanshu K is a lead author at Xiaomi Central. He loves writing about tech. His passion for writing content made him the lead author here. His written content is full of information with no useless words. He loves surfing website online and to do research in free time.

  • Vivek Dutta, Content Writer at Xiaomi Central

He Writes on Mobile and Laptop-related news. Keeping the Content however basic as convincing with legitimate data may be his objective. He appreciates exploring a wide range of tech items, particularly the most recent smartphones, and gadgets. In his leisure time, he adores playing versatile games. His published content is stuffed with data and no futile words. He loves riding sites on the web and to do explore with extra energy.