Xiaomi’s 12 series, which consists of three phones – Xiaomi 12X, Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro – was recently introduced in its home country China. The devices come with new CyberFocus technology. These devices feature all flagship-level technologies, including the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC, which is built on a 5nm production process, 120W fast charging capabilities, a flagship-level AMOLED display, and more. The business recently announced that enhanced autofocus technology namely “CyberFocus” is being used in the Xiaomi 12 series cameras, which were derived from its Xiaomi Cyberdog.

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Here’s How CyberFocus Works!

On Weibo, Xiaomi’s Senior Vice President Zeng Xuezhong narrated the story behind featuring their “CyberFocus” which is an advanced autofocus technology from their Xiaomi Cyberdog. “Xiaomi surveyed its user base, and the most common camera complaint is that its cameras were unable to focus properly on the subject despite trying to focus in many times,” Zeng stated. “From rainbows to sunsets, to mothers’ dear firstborns moving around in front of the lens, these scenes are hard to capture and focus. Therefore, here at Xiaomi, we thought of our CyberDog ‘owner tracking technology’ called CyberFocus and decided to implement it into our Xiaomi 12 flagship cameras” he mentioned.

After the integration of the next-gen autofocus technology, the autofocus algorithms can now detect the edges of the object with full accuracy. Users no need to worry about the subject being out of focus anymore, whether it is human, animal, scenery, etc.

A conventional autofocus technology struggles to detect an animal like a dog because it focuses only on the ear of the dog because of the limitations in its AI. Whereas the CyberFocus’ technology on the Xiaomi 12 series recognises the whole subject dog, and with the help of its AI capabilities, it can easily identify the different parts of the dog as well. The dog will be automatically back in focus even if it comes back in the frame after getting out of the frame because it has already stored data of the dog after detecting the whole subject for the first time.

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Engineers of Xiaomi tested out this technology in various difficult conditions such as taking a photo of a person furiously shaking his/her head, detecting the spinning jump rope, etc. While testing, they saw that the CyberFocus of Xiaomi 12 series excels even in difficult conditions. To check the capability of the autofocus system, they tried to capture the photos of 2 dogs running works on Xiaomi headquarters and here are the camera samples they got.

Photos taken were looking sharp and the subjects were in focus as can be seen in these photos, though dogs are known for not being able to remain static in one spot for a long period of time.

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