Mi 11 Lite 4G Is NOT Discontinued In India, Despite Several Allegations; Claims New Report.

Despite several leaks, it is basically confirmed that the 4G Variant is not discontinued and that the 5G Variant might be launching soon. Read to find out more...

Mi 11 Lite: Over the past few hours, tech blogs like Techquila, 91Mobiles, Gizmo China, India Today, etc have been going crazy with reports that the 4G Variant of the Mi 11 Lite smartphone has been discontinued in India and that production has stopped.

If we go back to the launch, this phone was hyped up a lot. People were excited about this. Reviews were pretty positive and many customers were happy with their purchase. Except for one thing. Price. It is right now priced 21,999. But the price is, technically speaking, justified, since Xiaomi has done a lot of work with the engineering to create a sleek, thin, modern looking fabulous design. And a segment leading 10 Bit AMOLED.

Also, the operating system will be more optimized and refined compared to the Redmi and POCO Counterparts. They were banking on the fact that there will be many users who would want good “Experience” with their phone and a good well rounded device instead of flashy specs on paper.

But that was unfortunately not the case. The tech savvy people did understand the reasoning behind the price, but for an average user, who simply looks at the specs on paper and then looks at the price, this felt overpriced. They saw that other phones had four cameras and assumed a 4 module camera system would be better than the 3 camera system on the Mi 11 Lite. (Definitely not, since the last 2 cameras are usually the rubbish 2MP Depth & Macro).

They thought a 120Hz display would be better. But the Mi 11 Lite had a 10 Bit AMOLED, and was in general higher in quality.

And hence, the small portion of people who did want a good experience & understood the reasoning behind a slight premium bought it, but looking at the mainstream audience, majority opted for the Note 10 Pro or the Nord CE or other phones around that price. In India, an average use only cares about price to performance ratio (Specs to Price) and not about the experience.

That said the phone was no colossal failure, it still did sell meaningful numbers, just enough, that the device was not a flop. But it was not a super successful one either.

There were several reports online that the Mi 11 Lite 4G has been discontinued in India and that production has stopped. We can confirm that this is highly unlikely, most likely not true at all.

Mi 11 Lite 4G NOT Discontinued, 5G Variant Soon!
Mi 11 Lite 4G NOT Discontinued, 5G Variant Soon!

A report from 91 Mobiles says that Xiaomi itself has officially confirmed that the phone was not discontinued, and other sites like Techquila also say it has not been discontinued. The one drawback of the Mi 11 Lite was that there was no 5G Support, and a 5G Version had not been launched in India. The CEO of Xiaomi said the 5G Variant would be launched if there was enough demand for the 4G Variant, or if 5G comes out to at least a few people in India. Since 5G is mostly coming to a few places in the coming months, it is a good idea to launch the 5G variant now.

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Mi 11 Lite 5G: Will a 5G Version be launched?

Initial reports said the 4G Variant was being discontinued to boost sales and promote the 5G Variant of the Mi 11 Lite, but since the report was confirmed to be false, it looks like Xiaomi will launch the 5G Variant and will keep selling the 4G Variant along side it. The possibility of a 5G Variant is quite high. To know why we think that, take a look at the specs of the 5G Variant.

Official specifications are not revealed but since the phone was already launched in China, we have a brief idea. It features the Snapdragon 780, which is a successor to the 768G. 8GB RAM & 256GB Storage. A Full HD+ 10 Bit 90Hz AMOLED Display. 4250MAH Battery and 33W Fast Charging. 5G Support. 64MP Main+ 8MP Ultrawide+ 5MP TeleMacro. So, identical specs to the 4G Variant besides the chip and 5G Support.

So, if they do bring this to India, then the tech enthusiasts who want experience will buy it if it is priced around 25-29K. Anything more than that and this smartphone will simply not sell well because we have the IQOO 7, Nord 2, Poco F3GT, etc that are way better at the price point. And lets hope it has proper 5G Support with more than 5 Bands.

It is a good idea to launch this before September because it can directly compete with the likes of IQOO 7, Poco F3 GT, Nord 2, Mi 11X, iPhone SE, Realme X7 Max, etc if priced around 28K.

With that being said let us know what you think of the news. The 4G Variant is not discontinued. Do you think they will launch the 5G Variant? Will it sell well? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Thank you for reading.

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