MIUI 13: Focused on Stability, Security & Privacy, iOS inspired theme.

Yesterday we saw MIUI 13 unveiled at the Xiaomi 12 event. The event was pretty long and started with a speech, followed by the MIUI 13 announcement followed by MIUI for Pad. So, what is new with MI UI 13?

Considering that the entire event was in Chinese, what we could gather from translations is that MI UI 13 has seriously improved privacy and enhanced security. Then there is something called XiaoAI Voice, which is a virtual assistant for Xiaomi phones in China because Google Assistant does not work there or something, and then we have a three-step verification process to enter your phone, the first step involves face scanning and the rest of it is some sort of an upper-body detection system.

There is also something called electronic fraud protection which basically has a log of websites and that might install malware and viruses on your phone. Then there is a saved phonebook of phone numbers that have been marked as fraud or nefarious, something to do with spam protection, similar to what Google does on their Pixel UI. There is also a Mi Sans Font for MIUI 13 which is free to download for everyone and it has simplified numbers and letters, it looks more modern and more minimalistic than the older fonts.

While minimalism does not work everywhere, this font looks pretty decent on MIUI 13. It appears more symmetrical and seems to remove the minor font inconsistencies which were on MI UI 12.5. There are new wallpapers too and they do look good, here is a link to download them if you are interested in those. We also have heavily iOS inspired widgets, if you take a look at the clock widget and the battery indicator and the weather widget. The widget picker, the UI to pick different widget sizes, it is all heavily iOS inspired and that is not exactly a criticism because it looks well implemented.

MIUI 13 Pad:

There is a new UI for Xiaomi’s Tablets. MIUI 13 Pad brings new multitasking features from Android 12L (the drag and drop gesture) and it also brings some continuity and handoff features, similar to what Apple does. You have scaleable and resizable window options too making this a really good Tablet UI. The rest of it seems to be heavily iPadOS inspired, including the overall aesthetics, especially the handoff and continuity features.

Dragging apps from the dock, pinch to resize, drag and drop apps, opening an app directly into a small window are all features from iPadOS, OneUI for tablets and Android 12L

You also get more keyboard shortcuts and more functionality with MIUI 13 Pad. Overall it seems to be pretty good for multitasking.

MI UI 13 Pad
MI UI 13 Pad

We have a new software feature called MIUI Next, which has more sub-features like Apple’s Handoff, Shared clipboard, continuing navigation from your smartwatch, etc.

MIUI 13 Ecosystem Features:

Then there is an app called Mi Magic Center where all your Xiaomi Ecosystem devices can be controlled through one app, kind of similar to what Samsung does with their ecosystem. Here you can control your smart speaker, your TV, your vacuum cleaner, your smartwatch and other accessories all through one app. It seems to have options like Apple Airplay too.

There was a heavy emphasis on app optimisation with some numbers given, and they say 3000 applications have fewer bugs and fewer crashes and apps are more fluid and responsive. They say 3000 apps so we assume most top play store apps that most of us use are covered.

We also might see MIUI 13 Betas rolling out as early as January 2022. It seems like the Mi 11 series is going to be the first to receive the update. Public Betas are said to be out as early as next month. Then there is a list of devices that will get the update after the Mi 11 series (Mi 11, Mi 11 Pro, Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11X and Mi 11X Pro, Xiaomi 11T, Xiaomi 11T Pro, Mi 11& 11 Lite & Lite 5G), followed by the Pads, then the Redmi 10 & 10 Prime followed by the Redmi Note 10 series. This article goes into more detail about which devices will get the update and when.

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That is everything new with MI UI 13. When the public betas go live and there is more information, we will update accordingly. MI UI 13 will either make or break the new Xiaomi 12 series of phones. We do not have any idea if the bugs have actually gone down considerably, or if the UI is very stable, or if the apps are better optimised as of now, we have to wait and see if the claims hold true.

Thank you for reading.

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