MIUI 13: Huge Leap Forward for Xiaomi! Alleged complete redesign & overhaul!

MIUI 13: It is no doubt that Xiaomi is one of the most successful smartphone brands right now. It is the largest seller of smartphones in India, surpassing Samsung and all the BBK Electronics brands as well.

What people might not know is that Xiaomi started out as a software company (see our article about that linked below) and back in 2010 and all the way up to even 2016, many people preferred MIUI over even Stock Android. MIUI had a lot of customization options and the aesthetic at the time was very appealing. However, in recent, MIUI has fallen really behind on the software front.

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Since the whole advertisements fiasco, Xiaomi has toned down the ads and now lets you turn them off. The customization is still there, but almost nobody these days prefers MIUI over stock android. That is because MIUI is still riddled with design and visual inconsistencies, bugs and glitches and several errors. It does not feel refined and well thought out. It does not feel properly tuned. And that is of course understandable.

Because they launch so many devices every year, it is next to impossible to tune every device properly. So, MIUI 13 has a really huge responsibility.

MIUI 13 could be the one major overhaul that restores the reputation of MIUI.
MIUI 13 Could Be The Overhaul That Xiaomi Needs!

Users want a complete visual redesign and they want the UI to have a consistent visual design throughout. Since Xiaomi did hire a new pioneer team to sort out MIUI Bugs, the glitches, freezes and errors should more or less be sorted out. The unnecessary Xiaomi alternatives to Google apps should not be there, and the amount of bloatware there is should also be toned down.

MIUI 13: Which devices support it?

MIUI has improved a lot with MIUI12 and MIUI12.5 though.

Many users however were not satisfied with MIUI 12.5 and therefore MIUI 13 has a really huge responsibility and a ton of expectations to live up to.

From several reports from reliable sources, July sixteenth might be the date when Xiaomi officially unveils MIUI 13. This info was obtained from leaks. The first Beta of MIUI13 might as well be on it’s way. Public Betas will take a while though.

MIUI 12.5 Version 12.75 seems to be the last version of MIUI12.5 and then they will jump to 13. MIUI 12.5 12.75 solves most of the abnormal and frustrating issues with MIUI, like abnormal status and notification bar and some garbled characters issue with the notes app.

If MIUI13 arrives publicly in August, Xiaomi’s smartphone launches in Q4 2021 will also ship with MIUI 13 out of the box.

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There are several reports that the Mi Mix 4 will drop sometime in Mid August, and there is a good chance that the Mi Mix 4 might debut with MIUI 13 out of the box.

Several other leaks say that MIUI13 will come with a more well-distributed aesthetic, with more content options and more photo and video customization, better battery optimization, productivity, privacy, cloud services, and overall a better UI. There is a rumor that it will have cross-screen operation support with tablets, smartphones, computers, and smart televisions, but this rumor has no valid sources to prove it.

Based on past launches and following previous schedules, these are the devices that will have support for MIUI 13:

  1. Xiaomi Mi 11 Series
  2. Xiaomi Mi 10 Series
  3. Xiaomi Mi 9 Series
  4. Redmi K40 Series
  5. Redmi K30 Series
  6. Redmi K20 Series
  7. Redmi Note 10, 9 & 8 Series
  8. Xiaomi Mi Mix Series

There are some reports that the Xiaomi Mi 6, with over 2 Million active users currently, also might get the MIUI13 update. That is a pretty old device and it is good to see that it might get MIUI13.

That is all we have on MIUI13 for now. With that being said, let us know what you think of MIUI13. Will it solve all the bugs? Will it bring much needed features to the table? Do drop a comment down below. We will update if there is any more info.

Thanks a lot for reading!

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