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MIUI 13 is supposed to be the Operating System that brings MIUI’s stability on par with OneUI. MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition did iron out a lot of the bugs with MIUI but users were still kind of not satisfied with it. Now Xiaomi has basically confirmed that MIUI 13 will be launched on 28th December, announced along side the Xiaomi 12. The Xiaomi 12 will also ship with MIUI 13 out of the box.

There has been a lot of promotional material that promises major improvements over MIUI 12.5, and a key word that we can highlight is “fluency”. So this promotional material promises improved app stability and app efficiency over 12.5. A couple of users who might be experiencing random app crashes or poor app stability, will most likely have a better experience.

They say 20-26% better app stability when it comes to the inbuilt system apps, so developers have been working to optimise those better. Below is the new MIUI 13 logo, which suggests a new font and overall new design language and a more modern theme


Third party app stability is reported to go from anywhere between 15, all the way up to 52%, we are not sure what these percentages mean yet, but we suggest ignoring those numbers for now and just overall, and focusing on the unusually high amount of marketing on fluency and stability. We do not know which particular third party app developers they have worked with to ensure better app stability, but we hope they have covered the top ten free google play store apps.

Besides this, there was a lot of talk about enhanced performance, which is also indirectly related to stability. Battery life improvements are also claimed. We do not think the skin got lighter or anything but we cannot rule out that possibility. Xiaomi has also suspended the Beta Builds of MIUI 12.5 recently on all devices.

Then, they announced that MIUI 13 on a lot of flagship devices will be tested by Xiaomi’s internal team first before public betas and that the beta testers will not receive updates for a while. Basically this means all the testing for MIUI 13 is going to be done internally by Xiaomi, because of the “architectural changes” of Android 12 to ensure a more stable OS, at least on their flagships.

MIUI 13: Leaked Features & Changes.

As far as the new features go we have an updated app vault, which might look more modern and feel more responsive, and might have something to do with the whole material you theme of Android 12. We also have new interactive customisable widgets and an overall redesign to system icons and also better animations.

We have attached links to three YouTube videos (click the double quoted text) for those who want to take a look on their own, but there are three more new features, one of them being “small widgets“. If you look at the video, you might recognise this from a MIUI 12.5 Beta, but they never made it to a stable launch. The home screens look more customisable than ever, and the new clock widget and these “small widgets” seem to have some design inspiration taken from iOS. This is not all a criticism.

Another new feature seems to be “Infinity Scroll“, where if you swipe after the final page it goes back to the first page, but that is not of concern to us, we can see the new icons and the new widgets that look really nice and modern. You will understand after watching that video, but take a look at those breathtaking animations at 60 Frames Per Second, the animations when swiping and scrolling in general look really good.

The third leaked feature is something called “Toolbox or Sidebar“. This is not exactly new, there was a feature called video toolbox earlier, was renamed to smart toolbox, and now it is called the side bar. But on MIUI 13 it seems to have an updated look and new features and new animations and it hopefully more stable. The sidebar also makes it easier to open apps in floating windows mode. This is a OneUI inspired feature and many other Android skins already have a sidebar.

Also here is something interesting: One of the general managers from Xiaomi has apparently already used MIUI according to this article. He said something along the lines of “seal the package”. Not sure what this is supposed to mean, maybe they are proud that they have “done” it with MIUI 13? You decide if this is important to you or not.

There have been some articles that tell us which devices will get MIUI 13 first globally and also in India. It is a bit of a toss up, but globally, the Xiaomi 11 Ultra and the Xiaomi 11 and also the Xiaomi 11 Youth Edition will be the first smartphones to get MIUI 13, along with the Redmi K40 and K40 Pro Plus.

Not long after this, the Mi 11 Series, Mi 10 series, Mi 10T series, Poco X3 GT, Poco F3, Poco X3 Pro, Poco F2 Pro, Redmi Note 10 and Note 10 Pro, Xiaomi 11T series, Xiaomi 11 Lite seem to be the list of devices that will receive the stable MIUI 13 update.

In India, the Mi 11X and 11X Pro, Poco F3 GT, Poco X3 Pro, the Mi 10T Series are said to be the first Xiaomi devices to get the update.

There have been a few more leaks here and there about something called “Memory Fusion Technology”, which might mean better memory management so apps do not drop from RAM, but phones that run MIUI 13 also can use a portion of the storage as RAM. This is definitely a completely pointless feature on phones with 8 or 12 GB RAM, but any Xiaomi device (Redmi & POCO Included) can now have an additional 3GB of RAM, expanding the existing amount.

There is a chance it might improve memory management on budget Xiaomi phones and also 2 year old phones. But using a portion of the storage as RAM will not give too much of a boost in performance because storage speeds on older phones and also budget phones are usually way too slow for it to be anything beneficial when trying to simulate RAM, but tests will tell and we are waiting for those, but we suggest keeping expectations for this low because virtual RAM on a smartphone is basically a marketing gimmick.

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“Small Window Mode” is something else we found on Weibo, we assume this means improved picture in picture mode or improved split screen or floating windows, or it could be a new feature and a new way to play videos in smaller windows, we cannot be sure. Something called “Layered Rendering System Animation” was also doing the rounds, so yeah that just means new and better, more consistent animations which seem to be iOS inspired too. There are new sound effects throughout the UI apparently along with new fonts.

A revamped File Manager was also leaked, with new UI elements, new animations and some substantial improvements made to Mi Drive. The inbuilt screen recorder seems to have some improvements made to it according to a leaked change log of MIUI 13. Scrolling screenshots and more instant editing features are also part of this leaked change log.

It also includes more always on display options. Then there seems to be something to do with notifications, a new system to manage missed notifications or older notifications, something similar to what iOS does with Notifications Summary. To those interested in the entire leaked change log, we have attached an image below, but we have only included parts which we found worth mentioning, the rest of it is nothing particularly groundbreaking.

MIUI 13 Leaked Changelog.

Anyway, to sum it up, it looks like we will have more stable first and third party apps, an overall more stable UI with less bugs, especially because they did hire a pioneer team to iron out inconsistencies and bugs in MIUI, then there seems to be focus on multitasking with a better sidebar and more interactive widgets, also stability and fluency obviously enable better multitasking. Then there is the redesign with new icons and of course more wallpapers, possibly a new font to make it look modern, new widgets, better animations and a redesigned app vault. Except for this it will be largely similar to MIUI 12.5.

That is all we have for now, drop a comment if you think MIUI 13 will be as good as Xiaomi thinks because they seem to be really confident this time and they definitely took their sweet time with this update, also the promotional material seems to be heavily focused on stability so we are really going to keep hopes high this time.

Thanks a lot for reading.

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