MIUI13: Leaked new features include Virtual RAM, new animations, complete redesign!

MIUI13: The Mi Mix 4 and the Mi CC 11 are expected to launch in August with MIUI13 out of the box. Several changes are expected to come with MIUI13 compared to its predecessor MIUI 12.5. We will definitely see it some time in August.

The leak details new redesigned animations that improve the feel of MIUI, new fonts and redesigned app icons that match the rest of the UI to fix the inconsistencies. We will also see new wallpapers.

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We can expect that most of the work on MIUI13 is nearly finished and the only remaining tidbits will be cleaning up the bugs and optimization work, etc to deliver a hassle free experience to customers.

MIUI13: To come with new redesigned UI and a complete design & animations overhaul!

Chinese leaker “Panda Is Bald” from the popular Chinese microblogging site Weibo leaked a lot of significant changes, not just new wallpapers, redesigned fonts & app icons but also new sound effects and increased touch sensitivity and better haptic feedback.

MIUI13 is expected to come with a new highlight for gamers. It is said to have a floating windows feature for games. Until now we have seen floating windows only for social media and multimedia apps. No other custom skin has done this before. MIUI13 is the first to feature floating windows for games. The leak also shows something about memory fusion technology. Xiaomi has also been allegedly been working a new layered rendering system.

The layered rendering system together with the memory fusion technology will have a number of benefits like better efficiency in processing, and better temperature control on smartphones to avoid thermal throttling. This will also improve battery health in the long run because less heat will mean less damage to the battery.

Please note that these are just leaks and they might or might not come true. There is a good chance that this will happen, because these leaks are from a reliable tipster.

The Virtual RAM Feature is pretty useful in smartphones with 4 or less than 4GB of RAM. It basically utilizes a portion of your smartphone’s internal storage as RAM to provide better performance and better memory integrity on phones with 4GB RAM or less. For phones with 6GB RAM and up this feature is simply a gimmick because you cannot fill up the entire memory.

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MIUI13: Credibility of the leaks, and other expected features.

Could this mean we will see better RAM Management on MIUI? Possibly. MIUI has been one of the worst at RAM Management, it kept killing background apps. We hope it is fixed in this version.

Here is the original post by Panda Is Bald, you can have a look below:

MIUI13: Update of MIUI13 contents leaked online.

As said before, the Xiaomi Mi CC 11 Series and the Mi Mix 4, which we have covered on our site, will most likely with MIUI13 custom skin out of the box. The phones are rumored to launch sometime in August. Xiaomi also organized a pioneer team to make MIUI better and optimize it, fix the inconsistencies and bugs to make it a more streamlined and consistent experience, so let’s hope Xiaomi fixed the issues with MIUI.

The Mi Mix 4 was leaked extensively online, and it will be the company’s return to the iconic Mi Mix Lineup, which had not seen a single release for two years. If the Mi Mix 4 is launched with MIUI13 out of the box, it will act as a good promotional opportunity.

With that being said, note that we did not confirm these leaks and say they will 100% happen, these come from reliable sources like 91Moblies, so there is a good chance they will come true.

That is all we have for now. We will update in case there is any more news about MIUI13 or the Mi Mix 4. Both of them should be very exciting releases. Let us know what you think of the MIUI13. Is the redesign adequate to satisfy MIUI Users? Do drop a comment down below.

Thanks a lot for reading!

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