Thrilling: New Xiaomi technology to get more battery life (10%) with the same capacity.

New battery tech from Xiaomi can squeeze in more capacity into the same battery thanks to compressing the internals to fit more inside. Read to find out more..

Xiaomi Battery Technology: Post 2019, we have had high refresh rate high resolution OLED Screens and really high performance chipsets on smartphones. Capacities have had to naturally increase sos that our phones still last a day on average. To power all that, manufacturers had two options: one, stick to a capacity of about 4000 to 4500 Milliamp hours and then pair it with really fast charging, or just increase the capacity to over five thousand. Both of these solutions are not the most ideal, because really big batteries just make the phone thick and bulky and uncomfortable to hold and they also take forever to charge.

Fast charging is also not the best, because you have to split it into two cells, resulting in even lower battery capacity and then slow down charging speeds at the end to prevent overheating and damage. Or you could put a graphene layer on the battery to better conduct electricity. But this new technology Xiaomi announced might solve a lot of these problems. It helps deliver more backup, but from the same capacity.

Xiaomi is working on new battery technology.
Battery Capacities to increase.

How the new battery tech from Xiaomi works:

According to a Weibo post, the ‘electrode silicon content’ in the battery has been increased by three times, and this lets them store and use the existing capacity more efficiently. They have reorganised it and structurally engineered it in such a way that extra 10% Milliamp hours of capacity can be fit into the same cell without actually increasing the size of it. The R&D Team has come up with a new space management technique by bending and shrinking control circuits to achieve this. To put a number on it, this is supposed to give upto 100 more minutes.

The way this works is, they’ve come up with a new packaging tech that puts the “Protection Circuit Module” (whatever that is) at a 90 degree angle instead of the traditional flat position. They’ve also added smart chips that have algorithms that can detect overcharging and these monitor charge overall. They also help when the handset is hot, or when it is plugged in for too long at maximum capacity. There are some sensors too that control the temperature and ensure that overheating does not occur, in case there were any concerns about that.

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This is supposed to come out in the second half of 2022. Using this technology, they can now fit 4400 MAH instead of 4000 (in the same physical space). Looks like 2022 is a year where we can all forget about battery problems on smartphones thanks to 120W Fast Charging, Graphene layer batteries, software based optimisations, this new tech that can pack more into less, and a lot more.

Thanks for reading, try to drop a comment about what you think of this new technology that saves space inside to give more overall life and capacity to a cell.

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