Sound Charging: Xiaomi’s new cutting edge tech.

A couple of months ago, Xiaomi teased “air” charging at 5 Watts. Provided you were near the charging station, your smartphone could charge wirelessly, through the air. This was very revolutionary. Now, they have filed a patent and according to many reports, they are actively testing this new technology: Charging your smartphone with sound!

Xiaomi is known for revolutionary technology like this. We have previously seen them introducing 200 Watt wired charging that can charge a smartphone in eight minutes. They also showcased 120 Watt wireless charging. These levels of speeds are just insane. Mi Air Charge was very cutting edge, and it will only ipmorve over the years. Xiaomi sound charging is something to add to the list.

Source: TechSanchar

With no reliance on any power socket, this technolohgy was developed to charge your smartphone via sound.

There has been no live demo or proof or any theroies that your smartphone will chargea t a considerable wattage using sound alone, we should keep in mind that this technology is still in patent stage and is relatively pretty new. This can be classified as a prototype, at best.

How it works:

Xiaomi Mi Sound Charge

It is kind of complicated to explain the science behind it all. It uses a sound charging device, a device that stores energy, and an electronic device with a transmitter and a reciever. Environmental vibrations that are produced through sound are converted into mechanical vibrations via sound collection and power conversion devices. This mechanical energy that is produced is converted into AC Current.

This will later be converted to DC Current which is used to power the device. This is what charges your smartphone. In very simple terms, this device uses sound to generate energy. That is passed through a variety of devices to convert it into electricity , this in turn charges your smartphone.

Sound Charging, the possibility of success:

Now, what is the possibility of this being succesful, and how long will it take?

The prospect of sound charging is obviously exciting, but it remains to be seen if it can be commercially produced at an effective price.

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Mi Air Charge, that acts like a phone charging stand which charges multiple smartphones through the air, even when they are in use, is great, but pricing is not yet revealed and it is not commercially available.

We still do not know if Xiaomi’s air charging technology will commercially succeed or not, so it is hard to say if sound charging will succeed. But Xiamoi has pulled off impressive feats like 200 W Wired charging, so there is a good chance this will be a success, but most definitely not in 2021 or even 2022. Since it is in patent stage, they need to start actively testing prototypes, get the necessary certifications, work on the costs, mass produce it and then give a live demo of it, if everything goes well in an ideal scenario.

If it is succesful, it will atleast take about two years.

With that being said, let us know down below what you think of this new Sound Charge technology. Do you think it will be succesful? How long do you think it’ll take? Will it cross the patent stage?

If there are any more updates regarding this, we will surely cover them at Xiaomi Central.

Thanks a lot for reading.

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