6 Best MIUI Themes To Make Your Device Look Cool

Xiaomi devices come with a pre-installed Theme store, which allows users to completely redesign the UI according to their preferences. Unlike realme and Oppo theme stores, you do get N number of MIUI themes for free of cost. From boot animation to boot music and icon packs, you can customize it all. Customization has always been a big win for Xiaomi devices. We need to root our devices in-light to change the boot animations and the whole font in the UI, but Xiaomi allows it even without unlocking the bootloader. So if you love customizing your smartphone, we have listed out the 5 Best MIUI themes you can get for free!

1. Droid on time by smarty UD

MIUI Themes
A glimpse of the theme.

The first best theme on the list is Droid on time by smarty UD. If you love close to stock android looks, then this theme is made especially for you. It offers stock android icons and a lock screen similar to the Material You, which was recently introduced in Android 12 for Pixel devices. It’s a minimal and simplistic looking theme.

2. 3D astronaut by Desity

MIUI Themes

The second theme on the list is 3D astronaut by Desity. If you are the one who loves 3D looking icons and space-oriented themeing, then this theme fulfils your need. As the name suggests, it is heavily focused on 3D looking icons, 3D looking widgets and astronaut printed theming. Unlike the first one, this is completely fancy and has a good looking theme.


3. Magic x Dark by Rohit

If you like 3D Icons but don’t like light mode oriented themes, then Magic X Dark is made for you. This theme also have 3D widgets on the lockscreen,, 3D icons and fancy looking menus. But the entire theme is based on dark mode, so if you are a dark mode lover, you can try and install the theme as soon as possible.

4. Ward off by Castantino

Unlike other themes, this theme completely targets the users who love minimal and clean looking themes. It comes with simple squircle shaped icons and the themes also have some theme-exclusive widgets, which you can add later after installing and applying the theme.

5. Lamp design by piyush KPV

If you like the classic theme, then this is might be for you. It comes with classic looking brownish coloured icons. Not only icons but the whole theme is also based on a lamp and brownish colour. The theme is lightweight as it doesn’t bring any extra changes apart from the icons, homescreen and lockscreen.

6. Gradient X Pro by Rohit

The entire theme is based on gradient colour and modern looking icons. It will change the complete look of your smartphone, whether it be icons, widgets, lock screen or the home screen. The theme is compatible with both light mode and dark mode, depending upon system settings.

How to download and appy these themes?

To download the themes mentioned above, open the Theme store and type the name of the theme in the search bar, as we have attached the pictures too. You can easily find them. As soon as you click on the search button, you will get the matching theme as a search result. You can simply tap on it and click on the Download button, after the download finishes, click on “Apply Now” and check “Reboot to apply theme’s font”. This will reboot your smartphone, and as soon as it finishes booting up, you will find your device with a whole new look.

  • Special thanks to Leander for sharing the themes and images with us.

Thanks a lot for reading the post till the end. We hope you would like the themes mentioned above.

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