The new Xiaomi 11T Pro: Is this worth Considering?

Xiaomi 11T Pro is a smartphone from Xiaomi that has a 10 Bit 120 Hz OLED and 120W charging. Is it good enough? Read to find out more..

Xiaomi 11T Pro is indeed the smartphone that is coming out. Xiaomi teased an upcoming Hyperphone at their “HyperCharge” event which introduced the Xiaomi 11i and Xiaomi 11i HyperCharge. Now we have official confirmation from Xiaomi that the phone that will be launched will indeed be the Xiaomi 11T Pro, as we predicted here. It is going to be launched Via Amazon India, on 19 Jan.

The Mi 11X and Mi11X Pro were launched in 2021, in India and both of them were decent phones at launch, especially the 11X. They had their set of issues and the biggest competition they faced was Realme. Comparing the 11X Pro and Realme GT on paper, it is an easy win for the 11X Pro but comparing the GT Neo 2 and the Mi 11X, the Mi11X loses objectively because of pretty below average cameras.

But it is priced about 5000 lower than the Neo 2 off sales, so the Neo 2 does not invalidate it completely. However, the reason why many did not buy the 11X Pro was because Samsung’s S20 FE 5G was sitting right there at almost the same price, and except in the performance category, that phone was miles better.

Back to the 11T Pro, it is basically a slightly improved 11X Pro. It has Gorilla Glass Victus protection. But that is not the standout feature, it is the same 120W Super Fast wired charging that was there on the 11i Hypercharge. This phone has a 5000 MAH Battery and 120W Wired Charging can take it to 100% in only 17 minutes according to Xiaomi.

Xiaomi 11T Pro
Xiaomi 11T Pro launching on 19 Jan via Amazon India, Confirmed.

This is really fast and convenient and since the battery is dual-cell and a lot of cooling and temperature control has been done to keep thermals in check, with a new charging architecture, short term battery performance (around 2 years) should not be a problem. Graphene has also been applied on the battery for better conductivity, and graphene is not a gimmick, this helps maintain the battery structure and prolong battery health long term.

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For those concerned about safety, it also has real-time temperature monitoring and fast charge certification and a bunch of other safety certifications and over-voltage protection. Also, the battery is rated to retain 80% of it’s maximum capacity after 800 charge cycles which is really really impressive.

Charging tech aside, there are still negatives to this phone, the most disappointing one being the cameras because they have used the same sensors as the 11X Pro and have not changed them, some say it has better camera performance than the 11X Pro but we cannot judge that yet, and cameras were not at all a selling point for the 11X Pro.

108MP Primary, 8MP Ultrawide (Really?) and a 5MP TeleMacro Lens. Oh and a 16MP front camera. This phone is clearly not targeting users who are looking for a great camera at that price. It is targeting users who want really fast charging and also good performance.

This comes with the 888 Chip paired with a lot of thermals and something called liquid cool technology, so while the Snapdragon 888 is not the coolest chip by a long stretch, these thermals should help in sustaining the performance of the 888 and prevent any overheating.

Other specs of this phone are a 1080P 6.67in 10 Bit OLED Display, with Dolby Vision and a 120Hz refresh rate. So what are the significant upgrades from the 11X Pro? Way faster charging speeds, better thermals resulting in better more sustained performance, slightly improved camera processing, bigger battery, Gorilla Glass Victus and a 10 Bit Screen that is better than the one on the 11X Pro, also a slightly modified desgin.

Xiaomi 11T Pro: Why does this exist?

The main reason this was launched is to have a new smartphone from Xiaomi to consider alongside the S21FE, 9RT and the other phones at that price and to give people more options. It is pretty clear from the specs that it is not really that significant of a bump, but the one thing that will decide if you should buy this phone or not will be the pricing for sure, because the 11X Pro is priced 39,999 right now but it is selling for 36,999 on Amazon. So what is the practical pricing for this phone?

Xiaomi 11T Pro
Xiaomi 11T Pro

41,999 seems to be widely reported. From the 39,999 pricing of the 11X Pro, the only significant reason to bump up the price is the 120W Charging adapter which will be included in the box. We think a pricing of 41,999 with a 2000 discount on early bird offers with more card discounts is what will most likely happen.

But a launch price of 39,999 would be excellent and would make this a fairly good deal particularly for those looking for a performance-centric device at the 40K price point. Until the Xiaomi 12X arrives, probably in March or April, which is a more all-rounder smartphone, the 11T Pro was launched in order to get at least some sales happening in the value flagship segment in India.

This does not kill all the phones around this price (40K-50K segment) because there are multiple options like the S21 FE if you can spend a bit more, or the OnePlus 9RT, iPhone 12 and 12 Mini, IQOO 7 Legend, ASUS ROG Phone 5, etc. But it is definitely a considerable option.

If it does launch at 39,999 and you can get it for cheaper, then it is definitely an excellent deal, the only cons on paper being the lack of Optical Image Stabilisation, no 4K on the front camera, also it’s a generic 8MP ultrawide lens with no sensor upgrades which is quite disappointing.

On paper, this phone seems to be a decent deal for those looking for great performance and really fast charging, but we need to wait and see how the 888 performs in real life. That is all we have for now, what do you think of the Xiaomi 11T Pro? What is the practical pricing for this smartphone? Would you buy one at 40K? Let us know in the comments.

Thank you for reading.

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