Xiaomi 12 & 12 Pro, New Xiaomi Watch S1: Interesting Final Reports.

5 Technological Breakthroughs with the Xiaomi 12 series of phones. MIUI13. Xiaomi Watch S1. Read to find out more.....

There has been a lot of marketing on Weibo from Xiaomi about the Xiaomi 12, 12 Pro and MIUI 13. Something that we found interesting was a post that claimed there will be “5 major technological breakthroughs” that have apparently solved a lot of current generation technical difficulties and the post also claims that it “fills several gaps” in the smartphone industry.

Taking the marketing away, they basically mean major strides have been made to the cameras, display, battery and charging speeds, and performance, all the key aspects of a smartphone. About the display, the Xiaomi 12 Pro is coming with a 2K Panel with a 6.7in Size, obviously HDR10+ certified with 1500 Nits of peak brightness which is pretty good (E5 AMOLED, display made by Samsung). There is some new tech used that reduces the amount of power consumed while also improving the quality, and there is also “intelligent dynamic refresh rate”. And yes it is obviously an LTPO Panel. Looks like Xiaomi is trying to differentiate a lot more between regular and Pro this year.

There is a 50MP (F1.9) Sony IMX707 sensor as the primary sensor (1/1.28in), 50MP Ultrawide (115 Degrees), 50MP Telephoto for 3X optical zoom, both of which are Samsung Sensors, and the major photography strides they are claiming are also because of “Xiaomi Brain Architecture Technology” which means a new Image Signal Processor or something, or better post-processing for more accurate colours. AI Autofocus and tracking was also reported. The sensor has been used before and is known to be quite good so we can expect really good camera performance from this phone.

Xiaomi 12 Pro
Xiaomi 12 Pro

The Mi 11 Ultra had one of the best speakers on a phone after the ROG Phone 5. The Xiaomi 12 Pro will have “Dual 4 Core Speakers” which we are still a little confused about because how can you fit 4 speakers on a phone? Regardless, the speakers seem to be improved and they are obviously tuned by Harmon Kardon.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is an improvement over the 888, in not just CPU & GPU Benchmarks, but the main focus seems to be AI Capabilities and better image signal processing and also enhanced gaming. Xiaomi most likely has used some sort of cooling system and also decent thermals, because the chip is definitely on the hotter side. There have been a lot of reports that they used a Vapour Chamber Cooling system to avoid throttling and overheating.

Then there is the “Surge P1 Chip” from Xiaomi which is an in house smart charging chip that is apparently super-efficient and smart, and it has a really high power density. This enables 120W Wired Charging and 50W Wireless charging and 10W Reverse Wireless Charging. The Xiaomi 12 Pro is said to come with a 4600MAH battery.

Paired with all the MIUI13 optimisation which has been hyped for a while, along with new charging tech and also this low power consumption battery life will most likely not be a major issue, considering Samsung also reduced the battery capacity from the S20 Ultra to the Note 20 Ultra but did not lose any battery life. Clearly the device will not be a battery king either considering we have an 8 Gen 1 and also a 2K 120Hz display.

So those are the five key improvements with the Xiaomi 12 Pro. Display, battery and charging, cameras, performance and software. We do not know about the pricing, RAM and Storage Configurations as of now.

Xiaomi 12 and the Xiaomi Watch S1:

There have been many tweets and Weibo Posts and Chinese articles about the Xiaomi 12 and also the Xiaomi 12 Pro, detailing the new design and also the leaked Xiaomi advertisements. Here is one such tweet. There are four colours, black, green, pink and blue. We obviously get the flagship stuff like the IP68 Rating, Fast LPDDR5 RAM, UFS3.1 Storage, Wi-Fi 6, 5G, etc.

We have already covered the Xiaomi 12 in this article here but this is a roundup: 6.3 Inch 1080P 120Hz AMOLED Screen (Gorilla Glass Victus), 32MP Front Camera, 50MP Main, 13MP Ultrawide, 32MP 3X Telephoto, 4500MAH Battery with 67W Fast Charging, 30W Wireless Charging, Harmon Kardon Tuned Stereo Speakers, 8 Gen 1 Chipset. Basically the main difference between the 12 and 12 Pro seems to be size.

The cameras are also better on the 12 Pro, and it has a better, bigger display with faster charging, but besides this, they are really similar phones with almost the same design. The Xiaomi 12 is relatively compact at 6.3 inches, considering the sizes of phones in 2021. And both of them do not skip out on a proper triple camera setup, both of them have a telephoto lens. We expect the pricing of the Xiaomi 12 to be over 650$ while the Xiaomi 12 Pro could go to 800. We do not know about a global launch or an Indian launch yet but if the 12 arrives at under 50K in India, it will be a steal.

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We also have MIUI13 that will arrive out of the box with these new phones and it seems to be some new features with better multitasking, new icons and animations with some iOS inspired widgets and also some security stuff. Besides this, the focus is on app stability and also fluency. The rest of it will remain largely similar to MIUI 12.5. To be fair, MIUI has enough features at the moment, and focusing on stability and optimisation is definitely the right move here.

Finally, we have the Xiaomi Watch S1. It seems to be similar to the Mi Revolve Active in terms of button placement and design. This is a flagship high-end smartwatch, that is apparently targeted towards business professionals. It is going to have a circular screen, somewhat reminding us of a galaxy watch. Largely rumoured that it might have LTE Capabilities. The body is metallic. All the expected features from a flagship smart watch like continuous heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, an IP Rating, sports and workout modes, etc will most likely be there, again similar to the Mi Watch Revolve Active. We do not know if this is WearOS powered, and it seems unlikely though we cannot rule it out.

So that is all we have for now. This article is a compilation of all the leaks and also what we could gather from Xiaomi’s own marketing in China. All the official launches will happen today so there is not much waiting involved. The Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi 12 Pro, possibly an affordable Xiaomi 12X (with a Snapdragon 870 apparently), MIUI13, Xiaomi Watch S1. An exciting day for Xiaomi fans. We will cover what is new in the upcoming posts.

Thank you for reading.

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