Xiaomi 12X: Why this new phone might disappoint you.

The Xiaomi 12X is not at all a bad smartphone by any means. Let’s start with the screen. The leaks were all true, we have an HDR10+ 12 Bit OLED 120Hz 1080P Display with 419 Pixels Per Inch and 1100 Nits of peak brightness with Gorilla Glass Victus and an aspect ratio of 20:9. While 6.3in is not exactly small, it is relatively compact by 2021 standards and is a good size, though many might prefer a 6.5in or even a 6.7 or 6.8in screen, this screen is not at all a bad screen for media consumption.

Xiaomi 12X
Xiaomi 12X

The 12X is powered by the Snapdragon 870 chip, which is an 865+ with a slightly higher clocked CPU, and compared to the 888 and the 8 Gen 1, the 870 is relatively a cooler, more consistent chip that has no issues with throttling but it misses out on the new Image Signal Processors and also the AI Capabilities of the 8 Gen 1.

This is the only significant difference between the Xiaomi 12 and the 12X, besides the fact that the 12 has wireless and reverse wireless charging. They are pretty much the same phone. The phone runs on MIUI 13 based on Android 12 out of the box. While MIUI 13 did not blow everyone away, it was not really meant to be a feature packed update, it was focused on privacy and security and more stability and fluency and also a lot of ecosystem related features.

To know more about MIUI 13: MIUI 13: Focused on Stability, Security & Privacy, iOS inspired theme.

It has the same camera system as the 12, with a 50MP Primary Sensor (With OIS), a 13MP Ultrawide and a 5MP Telephoto Macro camera. The front camera is a new 32MP Sensor but weirdly has no 4K Video Support. We have a 4500 MAH Battery with really fast 67W Wired Charging. No wireless charging on the 12X.

Besides wireless charging, we have almost all the flagship specs like OIS, premium construction, fast RAM, UFS 3.1 Storage, 8K Video Recording, etc. But to bring prices down, Xiaomi definitely had to make a lot of cost cuttings in a few not so subtle areas that we have noticed.

Xiaomi 12X: Cost cuttings that nobody talked about.

  1. No USB C 3.0: For people who do a lot of photo and video or file transfers from their phone to their PC frequently, the speed difference between 2.0 and 3.0 is pretty significant and it is weird that the Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro and obviously the 12X too skip out on USB C 3.0 support.
  2. No 4K Video on the front cameras: Forget 4K 60FPS video on the front, there is no 4K video on the front. The entire Xiaomi 12 series of phones cannot do 4K on the front despite an upgraded front camera which apparently takes much better photos. The Xiaomi 12 Pro is being advertised as a flagship device and if you buy a flagship right now, you will mostly use it for three, or even four years and by then, 1080P video is going to look pretty old. Maybe they are saving 4K 60 video for the ultra phone, but there is also a high chance that we have gone another year without 4K video on the front camera for these flagships.
  3. No IP Rating: There has not been a single mention of an IP Rating anywhere in the advertisements and it is also missing from the spec sheet. There is a chance the phone might still have some form of protection against dust and water, or they might pay for an IP Certification for the global variant, but as it stands right now, there is no official IP Certification for this phone.
  4. No information about updates: When you buy a flagship phone in 2022 you expect an easy 3 years of major android updates and one year or security patches after that, right? But there seems to be no info of how much this phone will get updated. If it just for two years then that is not particularly great. But Xiaomi is known to be great with software support on their mid range and budget phones so let’s hope this phone gets three years of major android updates too. It is still too early to judge though because software support for the global variant might be good.
  5. Price: This final reason. Pricing. This Xiaomi 12X is priced 450 EUR, or roughly 37,999 Rupees. At that price we already have the Mi 11X Pro which has the 888 Chip but the 12X has much better cameras with OIS, and also a better screen with more PPI. Problem is, the normal Xiaomi 12 at 510 EUR or 43,999 is just a much better deal, with the latest chip with all the ISP and AI Capabilities, and that also comes with fast wireless charging and also reverse wireless charging. Granted if you don’t care about those then the 12X might appeal more to you but considering the price difference here is not at all too much, the 12 appears to be a better deal here.

Like we said it has almost all the flagship specs but lacks an IP Rating as of now. So, if any of the above mentioned problems are potential dealbreakers to you, you might want to wait for further clarification about those.

In India, the Xiaomi 12X competes with Xiaomi’s own Mi 11X Pro, then the IQOO 7 Legend, Realme GT Neo 2, OnePlus 9R and the Samsung S20FE 5G. It seems to hold up pretty well but everything rests on MIUI 13, we need to wait for stable releases to see if the stability claims hold up and if they do hold up, then this phone beats almost all the others in that list.

The 7 Legend lacks good software, the Neo 2 has a meh ultrawide and a useless macro lens and also lacks OIS, the 9R has no telephoto lens and given the current software situation, we would hold off, then the S20 FE is still a good choice but lacks good haptics and a “premium” back material but a plastic back, given the specs, is fine, but the screen does have some issues with Quality Control too which did cause some users to experience eye strain, and it is not the brightest display with only 690 Nits.

Definitely it is software that decides how much value for money this phone is. Initial reports say MIUI 13 is as stable as 12.5 but it is too early to judge anything. So what did you think of the Xiaomi 12X? Is it the flagship killer for 2022? Anything you were not satisfied with? Personal opinion, I think the Xiaomi 12 is a better deal than this one but opinions vary. Drop a comment down below.

Thank you for reading.

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