Xiaomi 12X Info: An unusual value flagship.

Xiaomi 12X is most likely an affordable version of the Xiaomi 12, with trimmed down specs and a weaker chipset. Read to find out more....

Xiaomi 12X is supposedly a value flagship phone that is supposed to launch today alongside the Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro, Xiaomi Watch S1, MIUI 13 and maybe more. This is a phone that was the least talked about. We are also highly unsure if this phone will launch anywhere except in China anytime soon. But the specs it offers seem to be on par with most value flagships at that price, at least according to the leaks.

This phone might or might not be a successor to the popular Mi 11X (Poco F3 in some countries). Also, Xiaomi seems to be differentiating their flagship lineup of phones in 2022 by removing the “Mi” from their phone names, so this is just called “Xiaomi 12X”.

Xiaomi 12X: Rumoured Specifications.

The display on the Xiaomi 12X is said to be a 6.3in 1080P 120Hz HDR10+ OLED Display. Most likely this is an LTPS Panel and not LTPO. Some sites reported 419PPI and Gorilla Glass Victus for protection. It is a fairly decent screen for a value flagship phone.

This is a smaller phone than the Mi 11X, which was a 6.67in device, making this compact in comparison, but it does have a higher pixel density. We will also most likely see a fingerprint scanner underneath the screen, mostly an optical one and not ultrasonic.

According to a lot of reports, the chipset used in this phone is going to be the same Snapdragon 870 chipset from the Mi 11X. It makes sense because the Mi 11X Pro comes with the 888, and the rest of the Xiaomi 12 lineup comes with the new 8 Gen 1 and this is supposed to be an affordable option, so it is fine.

It is said to have a triple camera setup according to leaks. The front camera is said to be a 20 megapixel Samsung sensor but the interesting news is this: The primary camera on the back is a Sony IMX766 Sensor according to a lot of reports.

If you recognise it, it is the same primary sensor used on the OnePlus 9 Pro. While the 9 Pro was clearly not an amazing camera system, this is still flagship hardware and this is a much better sensor than the one used on the Mi 11X, and the only major con of the Mi 11X was the camera system. And this primary camera also has Optical Image Stabilisation which is really nice to have at a price like this, under 500$.

Xiaomi 12X
Xiaomi 12X

The secondary ultrawide lens is supposedly a 13MP Omnivision lens which is still going to be better than the Generic 8MP Ultrawide lens we usually see at prices under 500$. We are actually not sure what the third camera will be. It makes the most sense to use a 5MP Tele Macro lens because Xiaomi is pretty good with those. The third lens will definitely not be a telephoto lens. Some sites said a 2MP Depth Sensor will be used as the third camera and in that case, oh well.

You still will mostly get stereo speakers (JBL Tuned) and the X-Axis Linear Vibration Motor, UFS 3.1 Storage, LPDDR4X or 5 RAM, 5G, an aluminium frame, the back is most likely glass. We don’t know if this will have wireless charging support or not. We do not know how fast the wired charging is going to be too, it might be the same 33W or they might bump it up to 67W. If it does end up launching now, in December, then it will also ship with MIUI 13 out of the box.

The pricing is something we are not sure of yet but the base variant according to some Chinese Blog Posts will start at 470$ when directly converted from Chinese currency, for the 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage Option. The other variants, maybe a 12GB RAM and 256GB Storage Option, will mostly go over 500$ but below 550$. So when this does end up coming to India, it will start mostly at around 35,000 for the entry model.

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This is noticeably higher priced compared to Mi 11X, which is 27,999. But considering you are getting a much better primary camera with OIS, maybe faster charging, a new ultrawide camera, the increase in price is justified here, but since we are converting from Chinese pricing, the pricing in India might be lower than this.

The reason we think the Xiaomi 12X is an unusual smartphone is because Xiaomi launched the Mi11X in India, back in April 2021. So this implies that even if this phone does end up launching today alongside the Xiaomi 12 series, this phone will not arrive globally until at least March, and will most likely come to India sometime after March. And at that time we will see new launches around the 35,000 price point that might take this phone over in specs. Overall, the 12X seems to be a Xiaomi 12 with a Snapdragon 870, different cameras, possibly no wireless charging, non LTPO screen.

So that is all we have for now. If the Xiaomi 12X does end up launching in China today, then what are your thoughts? Is it a Mi11X successor? Drop a comment down below. Also, the launch event is at 5 PM Today (28 Dec 2021, Indian Standard Time) and we will cover what has been launched. The event can be viewed on Xiaomi’s official Chinese website, on Weibo, or on some random YouTube Livestreams.

Update: According to a popular and reliable source, the Xiaomi 12X also supports wireless charging.

Thank you for reading.

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