Xiaomi MiPad 5! New cutting edge features leak: 67W Charging, Snapdragon 870, 120Hz AMOLED!

Xiaomi MiPad 5 to launch in August with Snapdragon 870, 120Hz, dedicated MIUI, stylus, etc. Read to find out more....

Xiaomi MiPad 5: Over the past few weeks we have seen a lot of leaks and rumors surrounding the hyped Xiaomi MiPad 5 Lineup which is supposed to be a successor to their MiPad 4 Tablet launched around three years ago. There are some leaks from sources like Tech Hindustan Times , Weibo and other usually pretty reliable websites that this new Xiaomi MiPad 5 might actually take over Samsung in the top spot for Android Tablets!

The Samsung “S” series of tablets are designed to directly compete with Apple’s iPad, iPad Air and iPad Pro Models. Strictly speaking of only the Android tablet market, there is pretty much zero relevant competition in the market. Yes, Lenovo and Huawei do make tablets but they are far far behind and are not even close to Samsung.

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Realistically speaking, Apple technically has no competition at all in the tablet space. Yes, there are several smartphones that are more feature rich and more value for money and well equipped compared to Apple’s iPhones and there is a ton of competition in that space. But in the tablet market? Nope. iPads are simply leading. And that is a fact.

Xiaomi MiPad 5 to launch soon with a dedicated stylus.

But that might actually change, if these new leaks are to come true. People these use their smartphones for a lot of stuff like work and entertainment, tablets are just bigger and the work becomes easier on those at times. But people who want a good Android tablet are simply out of many good choices because there aren’t many.

It looks like Xiaomi has taken this up as a challenge and has begun to take the Android Tablet market seriously to try and revive it.

Xiaomi MiPad 5: Expected & Rumored specifications.

Leaks on the microblogging site Weibo spotted by Gizbot say that the Mi Pad 5 will have the Snapdragon 870 Processor with 8GB RAM, 64, 128, or 256GB of internal storage. Another leak details that it will have a 2K (1440P) 120Hz display and also 5G Connectivity. The iPad Pro offers this too, so it looks like this was designed with the competition in mind.

According to other leaks it is said to have a dual cell battery that totals at 8720 MAH. And it could offer 67W Fast Charging Support. The display could be OLED or LCD. The base model will most likely use LCD.

We think these are only for the higher end model and not for the base model, because there were several leaks that said there would be a more affordable and practically priced model that would compete with the base iPad. Then there would be a Plus model to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and the iPad Air. And finally the last one would be top of the line flagship to compete with the iPad Pro.

Note that these are only leaks and not all leaks come true. Nothing is confirmed by Xiaomi yet. No announcements have been made as well.

As far as a launch date goes, the closest we got was some time in April, probably with the Mi CC 11 and Mi Mix 4, this is not official either and no announcements have been made.

Xiaomi might initially launch this only in China and then follow up to launch them in selected markets before a global launch. Reports say it will come to China in the coming few weeks. It will definitely be more expensive than it’s predecessor the Mi Pad 4, because it will have a better display and a higher refresh rate and powerful chipset. How Xiaomi will price this tablet remains to be seen.

Earlier, there were rumors that it would come with a stylus, a keyboard, a dedicated MIUI for tablets, etc. These rumors add to the list of what we know.

That is all we have for now about the Mi Pad 5. We will update if there is any more news. August is a very exciting month for Xiaomi, because we could see many launches. Mi Pad 5 Lineup, Mi CC 11, Mi Mix 4 and MIUI 13.

Let us know what you think of these rumors of the Xiaomi MiPad 5 Lineup. Do you think they are credible? What are the chances of them coming true? What is a practical price for these tablets? Can they beat Apple & Samsung? Let us know your answers by dropping a comment down below. Also, we very extensively covered the Xiaomi Mi Pad5 in several articles, do check them out for more details.

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Thanks a lot for reading!

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