MIUI 13 To Be Heavily Focused on Privacy and Security

Xiaomi‘s official Weibo account, which is dedicated to MIUI, teased MIUI 13 yesterday, claiming that the upcoming version based on Android 12 will take a major step forward in security with a “Privacy security goalkeeper” paired with the system-level anti-fraud feature.

MIUI 13 to come with system level anti fraud detection!

We have to wait to know what it exactly means as we don’t much about the feature. But a part of this new feature hopes to increase protection to a great extent against telecom fraud.

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The use of telecommunications devices and services with the goal of frauding customers and/or communications providers is known as telecom fraud. It’s usually done by distributing links to web pages meant to collect user data via SMS or unrestricted access to outgoing calls. These are things that Privacy Goalkeeper will keep an eye on.

Further, the post once again mentioned that MIUI 13 will be launched on December 28th, which is the same day the Xiaomi 12 series is also going to be launched as well.

It seems that Xiaomi is focussing on bringing better optimisation in MIUI 13 and will not bring new features and UI changes like we have seen in some earlier releases. Instead, the focus this year is on improving performance, stability, and security. If we some leaked screenshots and videos, this update doesn’t seem to be bringing many changes in terms of changes in UI. The main priority of Xiaomi appears to be enhanced widget support, with many system apps getting new iOS-style widgets.

The latest teasers once again promised improved fluency, which we have already seen with MIUI 12.5 and MIUI 12.5 Enhanced. Xiaomi claimed that MIUI 13 will boost system fluency by 15% to 52%, and Focus Computing 2.0, liquid storage, and atomic memory also have been mentioned that should result in faster read and write speed.

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