Xiaomi: New Report from IDC indicates that Xiaomi has surpassed Apple completely in Global Smartphone Shipments in Q1& Q2 2021.

Xiaomi is now 2nd largest according to two reliable sources!

Xiaomi is the 2nd largest in smartphone shipments: While Samsung still dominates the global smartphone shipments at number, Xiaomi has slowly been creeping up and might even usurp the top spot.

A new report from IDC says that Xiaomi is now Number 2 in global smartphone shipments.

As per the report and also according to other sites, in Q1 & Q2 2020, Xiaomi has finally overtaken the popular brand Apple to become the second largest smartphone company in the world. Now IDC (International Data Corporation) also confirms this, along with Canalys, that Xiaomi has beat Apple in smartphone shipments. It is now just behind Samsung in number of smartphone shipments. Apple has been pushed to third place now, according to both the reports.

Xiaomi saw an 83 percent jump in smartphone shipments over the year, which is a massive jump. The top position is still dominated by Samsung, which is a South Korean brand that is really popular in the West and also kind of popular in India.

Xiaomi is now leading:

Xiaomi allegedly shipped 53M+ units this time while last year it managed to ship a still very impressive 28.5M+ Units.

Samsung still does remain at the top spot on the list to this day (globally). Samsung did not have that big of a jump but it is still significant. Their shipments went from 54M to 59M. However, their market share went down from 19.5 percent to 18.8 percent. Might not look like a significant number but is a really big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Apple saw a minor jump in shipments from 37M+ million units to 44M+ units in 2021. Their market share went from 13.6 to 14.1%.

Apple prices their smartphones way higher than, say, Samsung or Xiaomi, so they still make an absolute lot of profit. Xiaomi makes the least profit per unit while Samsung is somewhere in between.

Also, it is worth mentioning that since LG has left the Smartphone market and Huawei sales have completely dropped off due to the US Ban and lack of trust, Huawei left behind a huge market space, which Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi are now trying to occupy as fast as they possibly can.

Apple took several steps to increase buyers, like reducing the prices of their iPhone 11 & XR, launching the affordable SE, keeping iPhone Prices the same (in the US & UK), etc. Xiaomi came out with tons of value for money smartphones with insane price to performance ratios and really aggressive pricing while Samsung did make strides in the flagship segment and priced their base S21 & S21+ lower than 2020, also they launched the “FE” series to appeal to more customers at attractive prices.

All three companies are now fighting to occupy the market left behind by Huawei. BBK Electronics companies are confusing so we are not discussing it here, but they have made some strides too.

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Can Xiaomi hold this position of second for a while? Definitely. If MIUI improves and caters to more audiences, especially in the West, they might even cross Samsung. It’s biggest rival right now is Samsung, and the BBK Group smartphones are also quite aggressive in their pricing. Generally speaking, Vivo & Oppo have better marketing too. In Latin America, Europe and Africa, they have substantially grown their sales over the year.

In India, they are already the leading smartphone brand, beating Samsung and all of the brands from the BBK Group and Apple too.

With that being said, let us know if you think they can pass Samsung in terms of smartphone sales. We think it can happen. What do you think of this news? Do drop a comment down below.

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