Xiaomi’s 200W UltraFast charging technology to reduce battery life? Here’s why and Here’s why not!

Xiaomi's 200w Fast charging technology really reduces the battery life over the short period of time? Read the post to know more.

Xiaomi has recently showcased their 200W UltraFast charging technology, which can juice up a 4000mAh battery and just 8-minutes. They used their customized Mi 11 Pro smartphone. However, the charging time is very less and this might be very useful for few set of peoples. But one doubt that surfs around our mind is “Is fast charging really good for battery?”

Well, the answer is both yes and no. But a news is surfing online that Xiaomi’s 200W fast charging will reduce the smartphone’s battery life by 20% after 800 cycles of recharging, or to say after 2 years of time.

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Xiaomi on Chinese social media app Weibo has clarified that whether it be 5W charger or 200W charger, it reduces the battery life by 20% over 800 cycles of recharging. There’s a rough Math behind this. So, for example, if you’re using a smartphone with 5000mAh battery with 10W charger, on the other hand, you put same battery with 200W charging. After 2 years or 800 cycles, the battery will perform equal to any smartphone having 4000mAh battery. In short, no matter how much watts for fast charging you use for the battery, but the battery life will deplete 20 percent of overall battery capacity in two years.

He hope that your doubt will get cleared after reading this post. So if you’re using any kind of fast charging you don’t have to worry about it. Well having that said, what do you think about the Xiaomi’s 200W ultrafast charging technology, Do let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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